COVID-19 Update

May 1, 2020

To all of our valued customers and business partners:

In the month since I last wrote regarding the impact of, and NYS&W's response to, the COVID-19 pandemic, NYS&W has continued to follow, and exceed, the recommended practices issued by the CDC and other governmental authorities for facility cleaning, social distancing, staggering of work shifts, monitoring of employee health, providing current information to our employees on best practices to avoid the virus, and requiring employees with symptoms and known or suspected exposure to self-quarantine and stay home. I am pleased to report that only one of NYS&W's employees has tested positive for the virus; he is recovering well at home and expected to return to work soon.

Operationally, NYS&W's interchanges with its Class I railroad partners remain fluid with no delays. Similarly, although we have adjusted our planned 2020 capital improvements and train schedule in light of reduced freight volumes, NYS&W's service to our customers has not been negatively impacted.

This week, we are beginning to look forward with some optimism to re-opening of some sectors of the economy in May. Given that re-establishing supply chains can present as many challenges as shutting them off, we ask that you continue to keep us informed of your plans and of any needs you can anticipate.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Nathan R. Fenno, President

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.

COVID-19 Update

March 18, 2020

To all of our valued customers and business partners:

In this time of uncertainty, The New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway Corporation ("NYS&W") and affiliates remains committed to continuing to provide the service our customers require, and also to providing open and frequent communication regarding the potential impact of the COVID-19 virus on our operations. As you know, the situation regarding the virus is evolving, with significant developments nationally and regionally seeming to come daily.

NYS&W has implemented common sense procedures, applicable to both train operations and facility operations based upon recommended practices issued by the CDC and other governmental authorities. These include increasing the frequency of facility cleaning, including disinfecting common surfaces in both buildings and equipment, providing employees personal disinfectant supplies for use in the workplace, social distancing, more closely monitoring employee health, providing current information to our employees on best practices to avoid the virus, encouraging employees with symptoms or known exposure to self-quarantine, and requiring employees with symptoms to stay home.

At this time, our operations have not been impacted and there are no anticipated changes in service. In order to help us remain effective and efficient, we ask that we be given as much advance notice if your rail service needs change. In particular, NYS&W has the capacity to store a significant number of railcars should the need arise, but such is best accomplished with advance notice and planning.

As always, please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.

Nathan R. Fenno, President

For more information about COVID-19, please visit the CDC website.


The New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway recently opened two transload terminals in New York.

The terminals are located in Binghamton and Cortland with both terminals immediately adjacent to our main line. These terminals feature fully paved yards, lighting, daily switch service, quick access to the interstate highway system and offer available complete transloading and inventory management services.

Binghamton – Montgomery Street

  • located within one mile of I-81 with immediate access to I-88 & I-86 and New York state highway Routes 12 and 17
  • fully paved and lighted
  • certified truck scale accessible within one mile on adjacent NYSW property
  • ground storage available

Cortland – Pendleton Street

  • located within two miles of I-81
  • fully paved, fenced and lighted
  • certified truck scale on site
  • transloading and inventory management services available
  • 30 miles to Syracuse and I-90

These terminals expand the NYSW’s current terminal offerings in New Jersey:


  • SBS Sparta - bulk sugar and dry flowable food products
  • Superior Chemical – chemicals, liquid and dry; steam available


  • Carry Transit – liquid and dry food products; steam available

Saddle Brook

  • customer transloading of plastics and similar commodities

North Bergen

  • NDS – lumber transload
  • SBS North Bergen – new and used automobiles; trucks
  • North Bergen – misc. bulk and railcar transloading such as rebar and grains; high & wide loads

All of the NYSW’s lines and terminals are on our 286,000 GWR network of tracks and can be accessed from each of our five Class I interchanges – Canadian Pacific in Binghamton, NY; CSX in Syracuse, NY and North Bergen, NJ; and Norfolk Southern in Binghamton, NY and Marion Interchange, NJ.

Contact any one of us within the NYSW’s sales and marketing department for more information about our terminal offerings and to discuss rail shipment opportunities to or from our new New York offerings or our prior New Jersey terminals.

John B. Fenton VP – Marketing & Sales 607-592-2816
Jim Howarth VP – Business Development 607-547-2555 x232
Ray Schloss Manager – Sales & Marketing 607-221-4578
Ed Gwilt – Marketing Representative 607-547-2555 x242

State providing nearly $1 million for rail freight terminal in Cortland

Article By Rick Moriarty, The Post-Standard on January 07, 2013

A planned railroad terminal that will help move cargo in and out of the Cortland area is getting nearly $1 million in state aid.

The state is providing a $917,442 grant to the New York Susquehanna & Western Railroad Corp for the design and construction of a multi-modal rail terminal near Pendleton Road on the south side of Cortland. The grant will pay for 90 percent of the $1.02 million cost of the terminal, said Gene Cilento, a spokesman for the state Department of Transportation.

Cilento said the terminal will benefit the area’s economy by making it possible for companies not directly served by rail to ship their products by rail nevertheless and also to receive bulk materials by rail. Short-haul trucks will be able to pull up to the terminal to load and unload directly onto the rail cars, he said. The project will consist of the construction of three siding tracks just south of the NYS&W’s Cortland spur line, as well as the infrastructure required to enable containers to be transferred between rail cars and trucks, according to the DOT.

“Controlling the costs of shipping is a vital priority in today’s marketplace,” said NYS&W President Nathan Fenno. “The Cortland Transload Terminal will enable Central New York region businesses to address the cost of shipping by taking advantage of the efficiencies of rail transportation without having to be located next to the railroad.”

Melanie Boyer, a spokeswoman for the railroad, said it would be financially difficult for the railroad to build such facilities, as well as maintain its tracks, without the state’s help. The company has frequently received state aid in the past for other portions of its rail system.“We partner with the state, and that’s instantly good for the economies along the railroad,” she said.

The money for the grant is coming from the Rebuild and Renew New York Transportation Bond Act of 2005, which provides funds for freight rail capital improvements to preserve and improve service in the state’s major trade and passenger travel corridors.

Based in Cooperstown, NYS&W operates over 400 miles of track in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It serves more than 85 customers and transports a wide range of commodities such as feed ingredients, lumber, chemicals, plastics, paper products and motor vehicles. The railroad also once ran the now-defunct OnTrack passenger rail service in Syracuse

NYSW to Operate "Toy Train"

Dec 7, 2010

The New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway is proud to announce that we will be once again be sponsoring New Jersey Operation Toy Train, a special Toys for Tots collection train.  The trains will operate on Saturday, December 11 and Sunday, December 12.  This is the second year the NYS&W has sponsored this great holiday season tradition to support The Marines Toys for Tots Foundation’s collection of toys for children.   On Saturday the train will operate on the NYS&W tracks. Sunday’s train will run on the Morristown and Erie Railway.  Last year the special trains collected over 9,000 toys over the two days of station stops, making this project a great success.  The NYS&W would like to invite you, our customers, to join the NYS&W in participating in this event by taking up a collection of new, unwrapped toys within your offices and neighborhoods for delivery at one of the scheduled train station stops.

            The train will operate on the NYS&W on Saturday from Maywood, NJ, arriving at 9 AM, to Butler, NJ, at 3 PM, collecting donated toys at each scheduled stop along the route. The full schedule for the train can be found at  Sunday’s schedule on the M&E can also be found at this site.  The train does not carry passengers but we welcome children and adults to meet the train at the scheduled stops for a close look of this special train.

For our customers located outside of New Jersey or not able to meet the train at the scheduled stops, we encourage you to participate in the Toys for Tots program by dropping off your toy donations at a collection location in your area.  Information on regional collection locations can be found at

The New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway and Carry Transit Announce New Rail-to-Truck Transloading Operation in Oakland, New Jersey.

Cooperstown, NY
April 16, 2010

NYSW Railway is pleased to announce the addition of Carry Transit, as a rail-to-truck bulk transfer and distribution facility in Oakland, NJ. Carry Transit, with corporate offices in Oak Brook, IL will operate the site previously occupied by Bergen Transfer, serving the New York/New Jersey Metropolitan area. Carry Transit’s operation offers 19 food grade railcar transfer spots with heat treatment, 35 railcar storage spots, Kosher food grade tank wash, and a truck scale. The acquisition of the site by Carry Transit puts them in a strong competitive position to serve the New York/New Jersey food grade marketplace for liquid and dry bulk products not only for transloading and trucking services, but also serve the trucking industry for tank cleaning services due to the limited kosher food grade public tank cleaning facilities in the area.

NYSW, the rail connection to the facility, interchanges with three Class I carriers, CSX, Norfolk Southern, and Canadian Pacific Railway.

Carry Transit/Oakland, NJ Contact Information:
Operations Supervisor: Sharon Galgano - Phone: 201.560.7439
Loader: Daniel Flores - Phone: 862.668.3763
Fax: 888.767.5659

NYSW 8001 H - Switching and Miscellaneous Charges issued

This tariff contains switching and miscellaneous charges applicable on the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway.  NYSW 8001-H contains various changes and is effective August 1, 2008.

The reissued tariff includes the following changes:

  • ·        Item 100 – increase of intra-plant switch charge to $175.00 per car
  • ·        Items 200 & 225 – charges for storage of empty and loaded private cars now covered by NYSW 8003
  • ·        Item 275 – new charges for storage of bad ordered and shopped cars
  • ·        Item 350 – new charges for turning of rail cars
  • ·        Item 525 – clarification of charges for movement of empty private cars in and out of storage

NYSW participates in innovative Empire Link marketing program among Southern NY shortlines and Norfolk Southern

Norfolk Southern and 10 Short Line Railroads Create Short-Haul Rail Options in New York and Beyond .

Norfolk Southern Corporation and 10 New York-based short line railroads have created a program to convert short-haul truck movements to rail. The "Empire Link" allows the short line railroads to market the excess rail freight capacity on NS' Southern Tier main line between Binghamton and Silver Springs, N.Y., as well as on branch lines between Corning and Geneva, and between Waverly and Ludlowville.

"With the high price of diesel fuel, the Empire Link is an attractive option for shippers currently trucking freight in New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey," said David Lawson, Norfolk Southern's vice president industrial products. "The Empire Link provides our New York short line partners with the tools and resources to design and offer rail transportation services that are truck-competitive in lanes that are less than 500 miles."

"The recent collaboration of the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association's Eastern Region Short line members and Norfolk Southern is one of the most creative business initiatives to come about in the last 15 years," said Rich Timmons, ASLRRA president. "We expect positive results for shippers, communities, and big and small railroads alike. If the Empire Link performs as we anticipate, it could serve as a model for future Class I and short line business arrangements."

The 10 short lines participating in the Empire Link are the Bath and Hammondsport Railroad; Central New York Railroad Corp.; Finger Lakes Railway; Livonia, Avon and Lakeville Railroad; the New York, Susquehanna & Western Railway Corp.; Ontario Central Railroad; Owego & Harford Railway; Rochester and Southern Railroad; Wellsboro and Corning Railroad; and Western New York & Pennsylvania Railroad.

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